Want to be among the best in the electrical industry? Do you think you have the aptitude and skills necessary to complete a rigorous 5-year apprenticeship program?  If so, contact us to apply.


All apprentices complete a 5-year apprenticeship program. The program covers the entire spectrum of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations. It's a unique opportunity to "earn while you learn."


What is a Journeyman? A Journeyman Wireman is a term used to describe an individual who has completed the 4 or 5-year apprenticeship program. They have gained the knowledge and skills ...

Western Central Pennsylvania

Electricians' Joint Apprenticeship and

Training Committee

Serving Western Central Pennsylvania

Beaver-Lawrence-Mercer-Crawford Counties

IBEW/NECA Electricians JATC

Welcome to The Western Central Pennsylvania Electricians' Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, a non-profit organization jointly sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) - Beaver Division and (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) IBEW Local Union 712.  True apprenticeship training consists of two components. One component is classroom instruction. This is conducted at the Western Central Pennsylvania Electricians' Training Center. The other component is on-the-job training, which is provided by local Electrical Contractors...